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The inspiration behind Ewa Tribal Jewelry grew from years of travelling the remote Sepik River in Papua New Guinea, where Bianca and her mother began to incorporate the villager’s adornments into their own personal style. From wild boar tusks to ancient shell money, the innate rawness & uniqueness of each reclaimed item became the source of inspiration in creating a distinctive yet classic jewelry collection that now adorns the most discerning women.



"Since a child, I have had the opportunity to explore the wilds of Papua New Guinea along with my father. I was always fascinated with the people and their ability to turn an item from animal or nature into a piece of art and wonder. Their adornments worn in ceremonies were nothing but spectacular, hence the drive to bring this rawness and mystery to my own jewelry collection today".

Bianca Todorov

Come and meet Bianca at Port Douglas Artist Market every Sunday to view her latest collection and talk all things Tribal Jewelry.